Top Reasons as To Why You Should Opt For Limo Hire Maidenhead

Limousines are the synonyms of ultimate luxury. They are huge luxury cars which come equipped with sound systems, stocked bars, DVD facilities, strobe lights and so on and so forth. You get a lot of options while choosing a limousine. You may choose a Rolls Royce sedan or a hummer or stretch limousine. There is always a limousine which can suit everyone’s needs. Buying a limousine is not really an option for everyday and hence most people choose to hire a limo. However, hiring limo requires you to spend a bit of money and most people shy away from it thinking that Limo hire Maidenhead is a waste of money. Limo hire might cost you quite a bit, but it is not a waste of your money. Here are some top reasons which will explain as to why you need a limo

  • Weddings

    Weddings are incomplete without the inclusion of a limousine. Every couple wants to feel luxury on the day of their wedding. You can make your entry in a limousine in order to grab the attention of your guests. There are many brides who prefer a white stretch limousine for their wedding in order to let the fairy tale grandeur soak in. If you are a groom who wants to make a grand arrival with his friends, then you can go for the hummer limousines. The couple can leave for the reception together in their limousine and can start the party early. Moreover, as a limousine is very spacious the bride’s gown and train can easily fit into the car without you having to worry about it getting crinkled.

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  • Bachelor parties

    Limousines are again a great choice for bachelor parties. Instead of going to a pub, you can easily host your Party With Limo hire Maidenhead. A limo is equipped with a stocked bar and so your friends can drink as much as they like while listening to great songs or watching the movies. You do not have to worry about getting home safely or about drunk driving if you have hired a limo. Even if you are going to a pub for the party, a hired limo will ensure that all your friends can go together and return safely together.

  • Birthday parties

    Limo is a sure fire way of letting your child enjoy his birthday party to the fullest. You can hire a limo to take your kid and his friends for a trip around the city. Or you can even arrange for your kid to make a grand entry into the party in a grand limousine. It is guaranteed to bring a smile to your kid’s face.

  • Prom nights

    Prom is an important event in any teenager’s life. You can make it more special by opting for Limo hire in Slough to take your teenager and his date to the prom event. The limo will not only make the event very special and memorable, but will also ensure that your child does not partake in drinking and making a nuisance that night.

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Some Essential Tips to Help You with Limo Hire Reading on Your Special Occasion

Limousine is one of the fanciest cars in the world and that one car which can help you feel like the king of the world. It is not always easy to buy a limousine, but that does not mean that you will lose out on the limousine experience. There are a lot of companies which rent out limousines and you can easily hire one to make a special day more special. When you go out for Limo hire Readingyou will get a lot of options. If you want to make the right choice, you have to keep a few tips in mind.

  • Shortlist a few rental companies-The first rule of hiring a limo is never to opt for any and every rental company. You actually need to do quite a bit of research before you settle on the rental company. Checkout which is the most popular and sought after company for limo rental in your area. Check out the reviews received by them and their customer service policy. Shortlist a few such companies and go and pay them a visit so that you get to know more about their rental policies.
  • Experienced chauffeur-One of the prime requirements of Limo hire Reading would be an experienced chauffeur. You would not want an inexperienced driver to ruin your special day. Some customers complain of the chauffeur being rude and not at all friendly. It is better to ask for an introduction to your chauffeur before you hire the limousine.
  • Condition of the car-Condition of the limo plays a very important role. Some of the not so reputed limousine companies often rent out limousines which are not in their prime conditions. Before you hire a limo, check out the condition of the car you are going to hire.

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  • Type of limousine-There are a huge variety of limousines available for you to make a choice. Whether you will choose a stretch limo or a hummer limo depends on the occasion and on your choice. However, it is better to opt for a rental company which will provide you with quite a wide variety of options. Do not go for a rental which cannot show you at least five varieties of limousine.
  • Hire by hour-There are chiefly two methods of hiring a limousine. One is by per hour and the other is a total package deal. However, if you are tight on your budget, it will be better to hire by per hour. When you hire on per hour basis, you only have to pay for the five to six hours you are using the limousine for instead of for the entire day.
  • Inquire the inclusions of the package-When you opt for Limo hire Oxfordyou would expect a luxurious feature like television, DVD, fully stocked bars, state of the art sound systems and so on and so forth. However, the rental companies will not offer you those luxuries if you do not mention them while booking the package deals. Check out the inclusions of the package before hiring the limousine.

Tips to Help You Find the Best Limo Hire London

Riding in a limousine was a dream for many ordinary folks several years back. With many car rental companies offering limo rides, it is no longer a dream for many to enjoy a ride in one of these exquisite cars. There all manner and types of Limo Hire in London Services today. All that stands between you and a great ride is your taste plus, of course, your budget.

Every other day, people are looking for the best way to enjoy their vacations, weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties and so much more. Despite the city of London having a plethora of ways for you to enthrall your fun self, a limo ride always stands out. In fact, many are the times that such a ride is allocated the Del a crème prestige of any celebration.

There are numerous car rental companies spread across London and which offer an amazing bouquet of limo ride services. You need to identify your needs and this will subsequently lead you to find the best limo services in the city. Here are some of the top tips to go with;

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  1. Hiring a limo can be expensive, but not when there is pooling of resources. You could be having a graduation party or you are going to a concert with a group of friends. You can have the friends contribute to the ride and this will make the experience very affordable for all. Such a ride will bring joy to a group of close friends, everyone will definitely want.
  1. Check the seating arrangement of the limo before hiring one. Different limos have different seating arrangement and this means that the number of passengers one limo can accommodate is different from what the next one can hold: This is despite them being of the same size and make. There are limos that can hold 5 people while there are those that will comfortably accommodate up to 12 people.
  1. Check the cost of a ride. Just as there are many limo companies spread all over London so are the prices. One company will charge you £150 per hour for a Mercedes S-Class limo while there is another company that will charge you £220. The same applies for the other expensive cars such as Hummer limo hire which will cost you £320 at some places and more or less in other places.  But when you consider three to four companies, you will find that there a general average price.
  1. Insurance is one of the most important road requirements on the roads of U.K. A limo that you are considering to hire must come with a comprehensive insurance cover that covers the passengers and the driver as well as third parties. Such an insurance cover should be clearly indicated and verifiable. You don’t want to take your friends out in a car that exposes them to serious harm.
  1. Check the laws and the bylaws that affect your locality. Normally a limo company won’t have any objection to you having as much fun as you could possibly get when using their limo. However, the law will require that you act in a responsible manner. Such laws touch on alcohol and kids or being overly unruly.
  1. The experience that a firm has in the industry is very important. This comes in handy because you are hiring the limo per hour. You don’t want to hire a limo which has a driver who doesn’t know every street in London. You don’t want to lose £50 because the driver got lost along the way. Both the experience of the company and the driver should be important to you.

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  1. The reference and reviews that a company has received over the years help you get the best deal in the market. Consider asking friends for referrals to the best limo hire London You will also get a good chance of getting great services if you read through limo reviews that review sites feature often.
  1. The fleet of limos that a company has to offer should help you pick the ideal limo. If a company has two limos that can only carry 6 people each, you shouldn’t consider it if you are looking for the transport of 12 people. This is because one large limo is definitely cheaper than two smaller ones. Moreover, you want to choose from a fleet of new posh limos which also makes prices a bit negotiable.
  1. Always see the limo before renting it. Life has been made so much easier because of the access to the internet. A limo company will avail all of its limos online and will allege that in the actual sense this is the case on the ground. Oftentimes, websites will have chic and incredibly appealing images of limos while in reality the limos are old, uncomfortable cars marketed as limos. It is, therefore, critical that you verify personally that the Hummer limo hire you prefer from a given company is actually there and it is in the condition purported to be in.

When you have factored in all the possible scenarios in the hiring of a limo, you should never ignore your gut feeling. While sometimes a worry remains just that, a worry. There are instances when you should insist on following your inner voice. A good example would be if the customer service team keeps on dodging some of your questions or insists that you hire the limo online without you actually seeing it.

Getting Ideas When Hiring Limousines for Your Special Event

Limousines are known as the car of the rich people. It is said that only individuals who own and ride a car around the city with limousines are considered as the elites. But in today’s generation, the middle class people can now afford to ride and party inside this fabulous car. Many limousine companies that let other people rent their cars are becoming a very popular business especially in Europe and United States.

Limo Hire Oxford is now becoming a trend. A lot of people would prefer going to their events and parties with a luxurious and glamorous style. With all its features and amenities, what else could you ask for?


Factors to consider when choosing to hire a limousine service

When choosing to go with Limo Hire Oxford for your event, here are some factors that you should consider:

  1. The type of event that you will have.
  2. The budget that you have for the total event and cost.
  3. The type of vehicle that you think is appropriate for your event.
  4. The driver that will drive you and your friends to your destination.

Types of events that is usually catered by limousine services

Limousine companies whose primary service is to let people rent their cars are focused in bringing a new experience like no other to their clients. They offer their cars for people who have events to attend to like

  • Corporate events
  • Proms
  • Airport transfer
  • Weddings
  • Horse and ascot racing
  • Stag and hen nights


Types of limousines

Limousines are differentiated according to their sizes, functions and styles. The most common cars associated with limousines are the following:

  • Hummer Limousine – It can accommodate as many as twenty-four people. Because of its size, it can easily have separate seating with its own private rooms which can be usually seen in the rear or middle rooms of the limo. A Hummer Limo could also be remodelled according to the event. For example, if the theme is casino style, the limo could have a poker room, slot machines and casino tables.
  • Lincoln Limousine – This type of limousine is known as classic and luxurious. It can accommodate as many as sixteen people and it is also equipped with high-end amenities.
  • Party Bus – It can easily accommodate forty-four people. It is known as the biggest type of limo because users have enough room to walk around. It also has a restroom, back-up cameras, smoke machines and TV screens. Some are installed with dance poles when party goers would like to enjoy inside the limo.
  • Executive Sedan – It can accommodate three people inside it. It is known as the chauffeured car and usually travels politicians or businessmen.
  • Stretch Limousines – It can accommodate six people easily. It offers amenities like stereo systems, optic light and full bars. There are three types of stretch limos the six, eight and ten pack.
  • SUV Limousines – It can accommodate six people and has a large storage capacity. It is known to be kid-friendly limo because of its hooks for baby seat, DVD headphones, and has a room for strollers and bags. It has a bench at the back seat; two chairs each for the front and middle.

Amenities that you can find inside a limousine

Most of the time, the interior design of a limo is equipped with TV sets, DVD players, video games, champagne bar, stereo and mirrored ceilings. This includes command controls, vanity mirrors, hands-free intercom, dome lights, reading lights and carpet.

Benefits of hiring limousine service as your ride

Limo Hire London can give you a lot of benefits like:

  1. Reliable and credible transportation – Every limo service has its own experienced chauffer. This can really benefit you because that means they will never drop you at your destination late.
  2. Free-hassle experience –While going to your event, you can be rest assured that your travel will be easy and light. Your chauffer is known for their experience and professionalism.
  3. Stylish and luxurious accommodation – Your event will be extra special because of all the amenities and facilities that is included in their service. Before you even arrive at your event, the party can already start right in the car.
  4. Effective driving – Know that your driver is an expert and knows his way around the city. They will cover all the expenses for parking, gasoline, etc.
  5. Safe trip – You can expect that the chauffer and the company itself would make anything possible just to make your trip convenient and safe. You can be rest assured that your ride is in good hands.

Ideas you could do inside a limousine

If you think that a limousine is only for a ride to your destination, then think again. Here is an extra list that you could do inside this fabulous car:

  1. Surprise your family and friends.
  2. You can get married inside the limo itself.
  3. You can even get a tattoo inside the car (just make sure that the driver and the artist are professionals).
  4. Have your nails done and polished.
  5. Go swimming. There are limousines that are equipped with a hot tub or a mini size swimming pool.

Proper etiquette when hiring a limousine

When you opt to go for Limo Hire London, there are certain protocols and etiquette’s that everyone should follow, this includes:

  • Consider your safety and the driver’s
  • Respect the host and driver
  • Consider the law of your city while inside the car (underage drinking)
  • Always check your valuables
  • Company’s rules