Ferrari Limo Hire

The Ferrari limo is a one of the kind custom build. This is a great choice of you really want to go the extra mile and arrive in something really special The Ferrari stretch limo is 23 feet long and has a 400bhp engine. This Ferrari Limo 360 Modena stretch was designed by Dan Cawley who is renowned for his unique and ground breaking designs. It was then built by the team which pioneered Hot Fusion Composite manufacturing technology which was first used on the McLaren SLR Supercar. It hits top speeds of 180mph thanks to the 400 BHP (break horse power) engines which is outstanding for a limo. There’s no denying the pedigree of this vehicle, it’s simply in a class of its own.
Ferrari Limo Broker is excited to announce its latest arrival: Introducing the Ferrari Limo! This one-of-a-kind luxury vehicle is in a class of its own. It features cutting edge technology, pioneered by the team. This limo is a vehicle of unsurpassable caliber, don’t miss out on your chance to ride in the Ferrari limo; call us now to book your Ferrari limousine experience.